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Success in school will be a gateway to other successes in your child’s future. The Rock Valley Public School System is committed to providing every student with a quality education.

To ensure quality teaching, instruction is driven by local   standards embedded in the curriculum as “content standards.” These standards form the basis for each lesson’s teaching objectives. We have included in this section of the web site some of the appropriate standards for your child’s grade level or courses.

Providing a good education for your child must be a partnership between you and the school. Therefore, we ask that you take time to review the standards with your child, discuss, ask questions, or note areas of importance. By doing this, you can anticipate materials, books, or research sources that may be needed to support your child in various teaching units throughout the year. You can also plan with your child, as well as have a yardstick for holding your child and his/her teacher accountable.

If at any time you have questions, you should first contact your child’s teacher or the principal of the school.

Working together, we can enhance your child’s education. Through such a partnership, your child will be the beneficiary.


Content Standards

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